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Currently your 10 year old self is trying to tie her rebellious hair into a ponytail.

But then the ponytail itself slipped of your hair and made it to the floor.

An irritated groan escaped your mouth.

You bent down to get your stubborn ponytail, only to see another person’s arm extended downwards with fingers curled around your said ponytail. The stranger stood straight and faced you with your ponytail raised as target in your field of vision.

“You seriously need it.” said a boy’s, stern yet young voice.

You grabbed your ponytail and met a bored expression on a rather handsome face.

“Gee, thanks for informing me” you replied sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes and breathes out a scoff out of his nose, and you took this moment to further study his features.

He seems to be someone around your age, you are taller than him, about 2 and a half inches, he has well fixed raven-black hair, sharp and sunken steel-blue eyes, a sharp nose which is rather well-defined along with his chin. He looks familiar in a way.

With your face somehow reflecting your thoughts you said.
“Why is it that you look so familiar?”

He stared and shrugged slightly as a response.

Your face brightened up as one of those light bulb moments ensues.

“I think I’ve seen you in The Undergro-.” a hand cut you off. He looked around for anyone or anything suspicious.

“Don’t ever say that out loud.” he hissed at you, dragging you to a nearby alley way.

You brushed his hand off. “Okay okay, but I HAVE seen you before…”

“Maybe you HAVE…” he said mimicking your tone. “… what does a doll-face like you have for a name?”

“Nuh-uh, I was the one who asked YOU first!”

“You never even did.”

“Well I was OBVIOUSLY asking you IN-DI-RECTLY” (here you said it ‘een-die-rect-lee’) you said like it was the most obvious thing in the entire universe.

He scoffed with a matching eye-roll.
“Fine, the name is Levi, does that answer your IN-DI-RECT question?” he said, again mimicking your tone.

“Yup, and society calls me [Name]”

He replied with an acknowledging nod.

“Hmm… not bad for a baby-face like you.”

‘Was that suppose to be a compliment?’

“Should I be offended?”

“Well if you prefer to take it like that then, yeah, but that’s not what I really had in mind” if you look close enough you would see a
smirk painted on his lips, plus his tone is kind of  hiss-screeching ‘FLIRT.’

You rolled your eyes, you were about to say something until…

“I saw her going this way!” both of you heard a familiar voice; well in this case it was all too familiar for you since it was the vendor you just stole the ponytail from. Why is he so worked up? Well it wasn’t just one ponytail that you’ve stolen over the years. Sinceyoukeeplosingalltheponytailsyou”got”andyourbitchyasshairjustscreamshowmuchyouneedone.
“Well gotta go! See ya!” then you rushed off.
Neither of you noticed that Levi was staring at you.

Little did you know there was something about this ponytail which makes it special……
Levi X Reader .: The Ponytail :. Prologue
this has been collecting dust for months... I'm not sure if I'll continue this immediately (along with 'Rumours' which is another levi-reader-insert) cause school just came up after two typhoons hit our country.... btw I wasn't able to write up rumours chappy 1 because of that... so enjoy pondering over this and I WILL be back.

Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to Hajime Isayama-sama
Cover thingy is from 'Attack on Titan:The birth of Levi' [link>>… ] GO FEAST
Okay not much is gonna happen here... I'm in a rush and all and this took long bacause of problems, school shit, and math... here I'll be frank with you this is a filler... I'll try to make the next chapter tonight because YOLO so yeah, I'm probably holding you back from reading and you're probably mad at me right nao because i made you wait for this shit and, uhg STFU self... go read...

I sat on the couch in Levi office, with my sore leg propped up as I started sipping on my cup of coffee. Currently, I’m waiting for something interesting to happen, something amusing, cause first of all I know for a fact that I am definitely not leaving any time soon, as long as Levi is around I won’t be getting out of my leash. Cause, well… in all technicalities, we ‘cancel each other out’, like how a negative reacts to a positive or some shit like that.

“Coffee, in this ungodly hour?” I shifted my gaze to a certain raven haired man.



“I have insomnia, okay?”

“oh?”-he paused for a moment-“well, I guess that’s the two of us then.”

>>>>>>Earlier that evening

I hissed through my teeth as felt a sharp pain in my leg.The damned gas had to run out now of all possible times. I tried to get up only to feel that same pain and fall back down. I sighed in defeat as I heard a thump as someone had landed. I leaned back on the tree which I had recently crashed into, then turned my head towards my pursuer.

“Are you okay?” It was Levi of course.

“Yeah, well… I can’t say the same for my leg… guess I won’t be walking for a while…” I said as I put my hands up like a toddler waiting to be carried.

Levi nasally scoffed “Usually something like a injured leg wouldn’t even begin to stop you.” He crouched down to pick me up bridal-style as I , though when he stood up my legs –which means my sore leg included- bounced a bit and I winced as another wave of pain spread like butter across my leg not even letting me begin my reply.

“Sorry…”- he probably noticed me making a face-“are you okay?”

I nodded “I’m fine…I-I can take it…”



We finally reached the said person and the others. Erwin seemed to be surprised that I wasn’t rebelling, not even the slightest bit.

“[Name] won’t be able to ride on horse-back… her leg is too sensitive right now”

“…” Erwin took a moment but soon replied, “I see…”

“But how-”

“I’ll carry her on the way”

Erwin and I we’re surprised by that.

“Are you sure?” I assured.

“Do I look like someone who’s joking?”


“Then again you never did.” I added with a grin.

I giggled at his ‘tch.’

When we reached the alleged headquarters people get Levi and I some looks and stares. Some of which where whispering pointing comments. Like I give two shits anyway.

After a long-ass walk to his office, Levi put me on the couch which was across his desk to the right beside the door. He propped my legs up, being careful especially with the one I injured.

“Your whole leg is swollen we need to ice it down, I’ll go get some, do you want anything?”

“hmm…. Coffee?”
Rumours .:Levi X Reader:. Chapter 0.5

so Hopefully you read the note at the beginning of the chapter

and nao Im gonna explain shit incase you don't understand shit, but if you want the story's impact on you would be like SADFGHJKGFDSHOLYMOTHERFUCKINGSHITADSFGHHHJGKFUCKINGCONTINUETHISASDFGHJ  then I suggest you don;t read this (you are free to read this later on incase you can't catch up with the story):

Story takes place 10 years before "The fall of Wall Maria" which means Eren is just a tiny crawling mutherfucker 'at present' (any clues?), so incase you didn't get that its year 835... go back four more years (because) that's when Reader-chan started the thug life, she has known Levi (as well as Isabelle and Farlan, though they won't be much of a big deal in the story unless you are the type to get really into the story you are reading) for a year, later on Levi (,Isabelle and Farlan) suddenly 'dissappeared' for three years... let's assume that reader-chan doesn't really get attached to quickly and is just a major sass, because a year wasn't really a long time.

Add up: Reader-chan is 'currently' 14 and Levi is 24 (yes ten years gap -sniff-)

I am referencing the first parts (in which you and Levi met) to this official manga-or-comic-or-something-cause-Im-not-sure-what-it's-called, "Attack on Titan:The birth of Levi" [link>… ] It's still ongoing and if you want more SnK and/or more details on this Fic, you may read it, and this will be my peace offering for the long wait, you may or may not accept it. If you already read it... meh... you deal with your life. 

Add up:The computation stuff about the years (835 etc.) is not based on the story (the above), I am the one who 'changed' it for this fanfic is made by me and I am in charge of doing EVERYTHING for this story's sake. 

I am not yet sure on how I'll be writing this onwards so suggestions are welcome.

I'm probably making this look like a very complicated fanfic... I think its quite close though.

[Previous(prolouge)>… ]

Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to the ever wonderful Hajime Isayama.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Sup Dudes

So this is Hetaliansm

「heh-tah-lee-uh-ni-sum =
if there's nazism,lesbianism ,and etc. there should be hataliansm right?」

First of all ,sorry co'z ..well... I think that my spelling of hetaliansm is wrong ; but i hope every one understands.

Second,I'm actualy one-sixteenth American , one-fourth Spanish ,and ALL FILIPINO!!! (yes I 'am proud)

Also I study languages like ,Spanish ,Italian ,French ,German ,Norwegian ,Russian ,Japanese ,and some Chinese.

Next ,what do I do ....I write... well mostly write and I also love to draw though I can't post my drawings online...dammit!


I still do sprites(pixel art) ,though Im no pro ,but yeah I do.

I does reader-inserts but no reaquests....YET


You do literature for pairings ?
Me: Sure!

You do Reader-inserts ?
Me: Yes!
Me: O_O Well ...Yeah....

Do you have other addictions?
Me: Yes.
What are they?
Me: AQ Worlds (the MMO RPG) ,Adventure Quest (Just the RPG) ,Dragon Fable (another RPG) ,and aslo Mech Quest (one more RPG) ,Adventure Time~ ,The Regular show and... thats all ! no! wait also Death Note....Yu-Gi-Oh!and ...soon there will be more

questions? sure! PM me.









da long title ...
Making this was finger torture!!
Heres the tabs that I promised last year! -facepalm-

Was it worth the wait?
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  • Reading: Guitar tabs
  • Watching: Hetalia the beAutiful world
  • Playing: the Guitar
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