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Sup Dudes

So this is Hetaliansm

「heh-tah-lee-uh-ni-sum =
if there's nazism,lesbianism ,and etc. there should be hataliansm right?」

First of all ,sorry co'z ..well... I think that my spelling of hetaliansm is wrong ; but i hope every one understands.

Second,I'm actualy one-sixteenth American , one-fourth Spanish ,and ALL FILIPINO!!! (yes I 'am proud)

Also I study languages like ,Spanish ,Italian ,French ,German ,Norwegian ,Russian ,Japanese ,and some Chinese.

Next ,what do I do ....I write... well mostly write and I also love to draw though I can't post my drawings online...dammit!


I still do sprites(pixel art) ,though Im no pro ,but yeah I do.

I does reader-inserts but no reaquests....YET


You do literature for pairings ?
Me: Sure!

You do Reader-inserts ?
Me: Yes!
Me: O_O Well ...Yeah....

Do you have other addictions?
Me: Yes.
What are they?
Me: AQ Worlds (the MMO RPG) ,Adventure Quest (Just the RPG) ,Dragon Fable (another RPG) ,and aslo Mech Quest (one more RPG) ,Adventure Time~ ,The Regular show and... thats all ! no! wait also Death Note....Yu-Gi-Oh!and ...soon there will be more

questions? sure! PM me.


I was aimlessly hopping from roof to roof, with the help of my 3D maneuver gear of course.
But lets say, I have quite a 'reputation', so having the police keeping an eye on me, I have to keep out of sight.
At the moment I’d been thinking about a certain him. It’s been three years since I’ve seen him. I woke up one morning only to find him gone without even saying a word. Not like it bothered me to sleep or anything, but it kept me wondering what the hell he’d been up to.

Later on, I decided to take refuge in my home. It’s just a decent little house having a bedroom, a bathroom, a little kitchen. Though being 'well known' I couldn’t just live in some house, this one is located somewhere only I know, or at least, until later tonight.

A rather loud knock woke me from my sleep, and of course being in a remote place that would mean trouble. I took a peek out of my bedroom window and saw Commander Erwin Smith stoically waiting outside the door. It made me think if he knows the owner of this place. But I wouldn’t give any chances, I rushed to get my 3D maneuver gear and started strapping it on as I go into my emergency escape. The moment I closed the lid I heard a crash which means the door had been knocked down, in one blow. I stayed for a moment to listen and heard footsteps, looks like the Commander wasn’t alone. At that I started running trough the dark cave-like tunnel. To my dismay I’ve heard footsteps gaining right behind me. Well, shit.

‘How did they know?’

I ran faster feeling a bit of relief as I see the end of the tunnel, but it soon faded the moment I saw a handful of soldiers appear in the way. I shoot the wires at the edge of the tunnel, as I pressed on the trigger I kept my feet at front letting the soles make contact with their faces. After reeling my wires I felt myself getting flung into the air, I took this moment to hook my wire onto the roof, landed after a flawless somersault, ran its length then zipped into the forest nearby. Just when I thought that I got away, I hear zipping noises behind me, I was unfazed but I stumbled to think of an escape. I pulled myself upwards then hid on a high branch, after seeing them pass below I started getting comfortable, which was, no doubt a very BIG mistake, my wrists were grabbed and pulled onto my back, then a blade was brushing against my neck. Soon after Commander Erwin landed in front of my capturer and I.

“Good work, Levi.” the Commander stated.

My eyes widen, “Levi?”

“In the flesh.” I heard a familiar monotone voice from behind.

“...” SO THAT’S HOW THEY FOUND OUT My eye twitched and I grunted

“Nice to see you too.” I knew that he is smirking at me, I knew he could, more or less read my thoughts.

“let me go.”

He freed me from his grip and his blade. He knew that I wouldn’t just run way and I knew that he wouldn’t have let his guard down. I turned to my back then gazed at Levi, who then gazed back, this was the first time I’d seen his face in three years. His hair was still the same style only it was shorter than the last time you’ve seen him, same cold steel blue eyes, and the contour of his face did mature a lot. But the one thing that didn’t really change was his height. He was still 1 and a half inches shorter than me. (bear with meh ahkaiz? I’m actually almost a foot shorter than him.. TT^TT… notlikeimindtho)

“So”-I faced the commander, shifting my body weight to the side- “,what do you need this for?” I gazed pointedly at myself, now it was my turn to smirk, hearing a ‘tch’ from behind.

The Commander, remained unfazed and stoic replied, “We would like to give you a proposal to join the military.”

“Aaand… why?” I shot him with a lazy inquisitive look.

“Your 3D maneuvering skills are flawless, and we’d like to make use of it.”

You raised a brow at him, Me? Join the recon corps?

“And, if I refuse?” I said turning my sides to both of them.

“We’ll have to send you to jail.”

There is no way in HELL that I’m going back in there.

“So basically you’re making me choose between suicide or suffering?” I said in a false inquisitive tone.

I sneakily latched my hand on the handles of my blades. Erwin opened his mouth to answer but I simply did not let him

“How about…” –I started leaning backwards- “…neither.” I then let gravity take me with its flow, which is downwards.

I let a loud sinister cackle perpetuate from my lips, as I shoot my wires onto the farthest tree it can latch on.

As I heard another 3DMG closing by I shouted.

“So this is what you’ve been up to, the past three years, huh?”

“Yeah, and this is what you’ve been up to the past three years?” Levi replied in a half mimicking tone.

“Naah~ just took me a handful of months to learn the basics, then practise led me to expertise~” I took a sharp turn to the right to slow him down more or less, taking sharp turns using the gear is difficult, but I managed to execute the task perfectly.

But the worst possible scenario took place… I was out of gas…
Rumours .:Levi X Reader:. Prolouge


The beautiful picture is not mine... thoughIwishitwas... it belongs to its beautiful and talented creator, whom is not me.

I fixed the typos and stuff, i was fucking tired when i was writing this, so yeah.

[next>>… ]

EDIT(3) I will be rewriting this due to a sudden burst of inspiration and due to the new details i wish to incorporate in this. :> 

Snk belongs to Isayama Hajime -salutes-
Yeahh... well I'm alive.... err... not dead.... yeah lets go with that.
But I just want people to be notified that my on-going (sorta) fanfic, "Rumours" will be revised, thus I'll be deleting the already posted deviations... or maybe keep them and never touch them again... idk but i'll get to it as soon as i can finish of the school work that is threatening my people.
Till then~

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